cdfg_80 CCE Moorings (mooring.ucsd.edu)

The current (fifth) CCE-1 mooring was deployed on March 06, 2011 with the R/V New Horizon. Real-time data can be viewed in the data section, and the sensor layout is shown in the diagram on the CCE-1 web page. The surface buoy is equipped with a meteorological sensor package providing air pressure, temperature, and wind speed, furthermore a CO2 system that measures CO2 concentration of the atmosphere and the surface water, and sensors for water temperature, salinity, oxygen concentration, and an acoustic doppler current profiler for water currents in the upper 500m.
The first CCE-2 mooring was deployed at the location of CalCOFI station 80.55 in January 2010. This deployment was accelerated in order to measure the effects of the present El Niño conditions in the nearshore upwelling zone off Pt. Conception, in comparison with El Niño effects in the offshore California Current location of CCE-1

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