CalCOFI Reports, Vol. 8, 1961 (complete report pdf; individual pdf links below)
  Symposium on Fisheries Oceanography
I. Review of Activities

II. Scientific Contributions

  1. Symposium on Fisheries Oceanography, Maurice Blackburn, Editor
  1. Evidence of a Northward Movement of Stocks of the Pacific Sardine Based on the Number of Vertebrae. Robert L. Wisner
  2. The Water Masses of Sebastian Vizcaino Bay. John G. Wyllie
  3. On Nonseasonal Temperature and Salinity Variations along the West Coast of the United States. Gunnar I. Roden
  4. The Use of a Common Reference Period for Evaluating Climatic Coherance in Temperature and Salinity Records from Alaska to California. Margaret K. Robinson
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