On CalCOFI 1210NH, a RINKO optode oxygen sensor was deployed on 51 CTD-Rosette casts. Along with the RINKO sensor, a Seabird SBE43 oxygen sensor functioned as the primary oxygen sensor for the cruise. There were 75 stations in total - on 24, an altimeter was needed so the RINKO sensor was disconnected & dummy plugged. On casts 005 - 024, 026, 036 - 052, 061 - 067, the RINKO was mounted vertically; on casts 068 - 072, the RINKO was mounted horizontally.

RINKO oxygen values were very close to Winkler titration oxygen sample values. Comparison of RINKO oxygen data to processed non-bottle corrected SBE43 oxygen data were significantly different (~-0.6 ml/L). Bottle-corrected SBE43 oxygen values, which SIO-CalCOFI considered the best data, did not significantly differ from either RINKO or bottle values (>0.1ml/L). Based on these very preliminary comparisons, if bottle oxygen calibration samples are not available, the RINKO optode oxygen sensor would provide significantly better data than the SBE43.

CalCOFI 1210NH Rinko O2 & Bottle-Corrected SBE43 O2 vs Depth
Plot file containing all 51 oxygen plot comparisons: 1210RINKOvsSBE43plots.zip
RINKO Compared to processed SBE43, not bottle-corrected RINKO Compared to processed SBE43 & SBE43 bottle-corrected
Average diff = 0.000, StDev = 0.1541 Average diff = -0.001, StDev = 0.1379