Summary: CalCOFI Leg 1: 75 stations occupied, 66 standard & 9 SCCOOS 20m isobath stations
Data Links: 1207OS CTD Cast Files; FinalQC bottle-corrected CTD csvs, plots, & metadata
Cruise Dates: CalCOFI Leg 1: Mon 2 Jul, depart San Diego - Thu 19 Jul, return San Diego, CA (18 DAS)
  CCE Leg 2: 22 Jul San Diego 01 Aug - Arrive San Diego, CA (11 DAS: mooring & near-island ops)
  CCE Leg 3: 02 Aug San Diego 16 Aug – Arrive Port Hueneme, CA (15 DAS: Acoustics & nightly plankton stas)
  CCE Leg 4: 17 Aug Port Hueneme 31 Aug – Arrive San Francisco, CA (16 DAS: CalCOFI stas north of Pt Conception)
Ship: RV Ocean Starr
Loading: 10th Ave Marine Terminal, San Diego; Directions
Station plan: Leg 1: 75 Standard (66 CalCOFI + 9 SCCOOS)
  Leg 4: 38 CalCOFI stas of north of Pt Conception (see 113 station map)
Instructions: NOAA Cruise Instructions (pdf)
Cruise Map: CalCOFI-CCE 1207 Legs 1 & 2
Contacts: Sam McClatchie, Chief Scientist, NOAA-NMFS
  Amy Hays, Cruise Leader, NOAA-NMFS
  Jennifer Rodgers-Wolgast, SIO Technical Coordinator, SIO-IOD
Participants: Hays Amy (Cruise Leader) Fishery Biologist, NMFS
  Bendin, Andrea Marine Mammal Observer, SIO
  Breese, Dawn Bird Observer, FIAER
  Dovel, Shonna Staff Research Associate, SIO
  Faber, David N. Staff Research Associate, SIO
  Glick, Adam Volunteer
  Griffith, Dave Fishery Biologist, NMFS
  Jiorle, Ralph Staff Research Associate, SIO
  Lam, Liz Volunteer
  Miller, Melissa Staff Research Associate, SIO
  Overcash, Bryan Fishery Biologist, NMFS
  Renfree, Josiah Acoustic Technician, SWFSC
  Roadman, Megan Staff Research Associate, SIO
  Roche, Lauren Staff Research Associate, SIO
  Rodgers-Wolgast, Jennifer Staff Research Associate, SIO
  Wang, Michael Volunteer
  Whitaker, Katherine Marine Mammal Observer, SIO
  Wilkinson, James R. Programmer Analyst, SIO
Proposed Sta work: Seabird CTD / 24 bottle rosette cast (500m depth permitting)
  CTD Sensors: Bottle Samples:
  Temperature Salinity
  Conductivity Oxygen
  Oxygen Nutrients
  Fluorescence Primary Productivity
  Transmissomter Chlorophyll-a
  PAR Phaeopigments
    LTER ancillary
  CalBOBL(Bongo) net, 210m - all stations
  MANTA neuston net, all stations
  PRPOOS vertical net, lines 80 & 90, 86.7 & 83.3 coastal only
  Pairovet vertical net, 100m (coastal stations only ( to 70)
  Supplementary Data:
  ADCP, Dr. Teresa K. Chereskin
  MET , Underway continuous surface and meterological measurements
  Primary Productivity, Daily 14C-uptake incubations
  Ancillary LTER , Plankton abundance, biomass, Chl a size fractionations, POC, DOC
  Fisheries Acoustics
  DIC (dissolved inorganic carbon), 10 stations: 93.3-30, 90-90, 90-60, 90-45, 90-30, 86.7-35, 81.8-46.9, 80-55, 80-80, 80-90
  Seabirds , Visual Observations
  Cetaceans, Visual and Acoustic Surveys