CTD Processing Summary CalCOFI 1203SH CTD Data
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General CTD Notes - data acquisition notes, logistics, processing - see below
CTD sensor corrections derived by comparing 4 secs of CTD sensor data (prior to bottle closure) to bottle samples
Dual T, S, & O2 Primary Sensor Secondary Sensor  
Salinity offset (bottle - CTD salinity; > 350m only; Seabird SBE3+ & SBE4) 0.0040 0.0050  
Oxygen mL/L (dual Seabird SBE43) y = 1.0508x - 0.0179
R² = 0.9998
y = 1.0502x - 0.0245
R² = 0.9998
Oxygen umole/Kg (dual Seabird SBE43) y = 1.0501x - 0.4551
R² = 0.9924
y = 1.0527x - 0.9669
R² = 0.9997
Single sensors
Nitrate - ISUS 4sec ave voltage vs Bottle Nitrate (Satlantic MBARI-ISUS v2) y = 28.903x - 7.2353
R² = 0.9905
Fluorometer - linear & polynomial regressions

y= 4.9055x + 0.0253

R² = 0.4887

y= -7.3894x2 + 7.2951x - 0.0621

R² = 0.5062

Secondary CTD O2 Sensor vs Bottle O2
Secondary CTD O2 Sensor vs Bottle O2
MBARI-ISUS Voltage vs Bottle NO3 Seapoint Fluorometer Voltage vs Chlorophyll-a


General Note on 1203SH CTD Casts & Processing

2017 update - CTD+Final bottle data remerged to generate 82-column CTD.csvs. All files replotted to QC. Datacode "9" added to Cast 029 ISUSQ, for missing data. Datacode "9" added to Cast 030 upcast from 138 - 0m.

1). Short delay in RV Shimada departure required dropping SCCOOS stations to
complete the 66 standard CalCOFI stations.

2). Final completed station talley was 57 out of 66 hydrographic stations
3). Shimada CTD does not have 3500+m of wire so no deep cast on 90.90 was 

Cast 2: Bottle #2 fired but did not close - no water samples

Cast 3: Upcast profiles during the cast looked noisy.

Cast 4: Transmissometer noise from ~190m to 515m; cable will be serviced post-cast

Cast 8 - 11: Rough weather, big rolls

Cast 11: RAJ training on CTD ops begins with JLW; continues on casts 14 & 15; RAJ solos Cast 19

Cast 16: Extra bottle tripped at 62m (accidental); two extra LTER surface bottles tripped

Cast 18: Big rolls; deep chl max @ ~100m

Cast 23: Wire angle issues so CTD yo-yo'd a bit during the upcast to hit target depths

Cast 28: Very calm sea conditions

Cast 29: Santa Monica Basin; 440m bottle tripped as #4, CTD lowered back to 480m as #5, then to 320m as #6 (yo-yo'd); no ISUS data

Cast 30: No marker for bottle #20, since dup of #19 marker record cloned. Secondary conductivity/salinity flatlined on upcast from 138-0m.

Cast 32: Bottle #2 was closed but O2 temp is higher than expected, possible mistrip; carousel serviced post-cast

Cast 43: Santa Barbara Basin; shallow hypoxic zone; noisy fluorometer; moderate seas

Cast 48: Bottle #9 lid ajar, water samples compromised; bottle replaced

Cast 49: O2 on downcast 'meandering' - actual features, stratification

Cast 53: Rough conditions; ISUS was not powered, no ISUS data this cast; battery replaced post-cast

File notes:
10Mar2017 update to 20-1203SH_CTDFinalQC.zip file:
Seasoft-generated .asc & .hdr files are available renamed as 20-1203SH_LLLLSSSS_###d or u.asc & .hdr. Voltages in the .asc files were also relabled. Since this makes it difficult to reprocess & merge with bottle data if necessary, the original .asc, .hdr, & .btl have also been archived under the "orginal_asc-hdr" subdirectory (in the archive). Their voltage header labels have not been changed so refer to the corresponding .hdr file for sensor configuration. This cruise did not have any sensors rearranged.

JRW 24Jun2014/ 10Mar2017