Project: CalCOFI 1708SR (UNOLS SR1712) on SIO RV Sally Ride
Summary: CalCOFI 1708SR sailed on SIO RV Sally Ride at 1000PDT 01Aug2017 from Nimitz Marine Facilities (MarFac) San Diego. Returning to San Diego 0930PDT 16Aug2017, RV Sally Ride was offloaded upon arrival to MarFac. All 73 scheduled stations - 65 standard stations & 8 SCCOOS 20m stations were occupied (see station map). As planned, two stations were dropped - 93.3 120 & 91.7 26.4 - to complete the scheduled stations plus mooring deployment. To maximize ship transit efficiency, saving 10+hrs, RV Sally Ride sailed north after sta 83.3 51.0 to sta 80.0 60.0. With the mooring deployment scheduled for sta 80.0 55.0, this station was scheduled after sta 76.7 49.0 & the pickup of Uwe Send's mooring team at Avila Beach. Eight in-shore stations off Santa Barbara & Ventura were occupied after sta 80.55, as we transited south - see map below for actual cruise track. Please refer to the preliminary data plots web page and data links below for preliminary data.
In addition to DIC, pH, NCOG sampling, 1708SR included oxygen stable isotope seawater samples collected on 18 stations (see map for station sampled).
Data files/links: 1708SR Raw CTD Cast Files; Prelim. Horizontal Contour Plots; Preliminary bottle+CTD data & plots
Cruise Dates: Depart 0800 1000 01 Aug; Return 1600 0930 16 Aug 2017 (Tue-Wed)
Load Dates: 28 Jul 2017 0900 SIO truck-preload at MESOM, parked at MarFac; 30 - 31 Jul 2017 (Sun-Mon) at Nimitz Marine Facility (MarFac) San Diego
Offload Date: 16 Aug 2017 (Wed; upon arrival) at MarFac
Ship: SIO R/V Sally Ride
Station plan: 73 Standard (65 CalCOFI + 8 SCCOOS); Predicted Sta Schedule; Cruise Instructions
Cruise Forms:  Ship Scheduling User Portal; Please login and fill out the mandatory participants forms
Cruise Map:  
  73 Stations
Contacts: Jennifer Rodgers-Wolgast, Chief Scientist, SIO-IOD
  Amy Hays, NMFS (Fisheries Technical Coordinator); Bryan Overcash, NMFS


Participants: Rodgers-Wolgast, Jennifer (Chief Scientist) Staff Research Associate, SIO
  Debich, Amanda Acoustic Technician, SIO
  Dovel, Shonna Staff Research Associate, SIO
  Faber, Dave Staff Research Associate, SIO
  Farchadi, Nima Fishery Biologist, NMFS
  Gardner, Emily Fishery Biologist, NMFS
  Hays, Amy Fishery Biologist, NMFS
  Hunt, Erin Scientist, SIO
  Knaak, Mary Volunteer, SIO
  Mische, Alyssa Volunteer, SIO; Univ. Of Oregon
  Overcash, Bryan Fishery Biologist, NMFS
  Roadman, Megan Staff Research Associate, SIO
  Schuller, Dan Staff Research Associate, SIO
  Wilkinson, James R. Information Systems Analyst, SIO
Marine Mammal Observers:   Cohen, Rebecca Staff Research Associate, SIO
  Smith, Michael Marine Mammal Observer, SIO
Bird Observer:  Webb, Sophie Bird Observer, Farallon Institute
Proposed station work: Seabird CTD / 24 bottle rosette cast (500m depth permitting)
  CTD Sensors: Bottle Samples:
  Temperature (2 x SBE3+) Salinity
  Conductivity (2 x SBE4) Oxygen
  Oxygen (2 x SBE43; 1 x RINKO III) Nutrients
  Fluorescence (Seapoint) Primary Productivity
  Transmissomter (Wetlabs 0.25cm) Chlorophyll-a
  Remote PAR & Surface PAR (Biospherical) Phaeopigments
  pH (SBE18) HPLC
  ISUS Nitrate (v3) DIC/pH
  Altimeter LTER ancillary
    JOSI: Japanese Oxygen Stable Isotope
  CalBOBL(Bongo) net, 210m - all stations
  MANTA neuston net, surface tow - all stations
  PRPOOS vertical net, lines 80 & 90, 86.7 & 83.3 coastal only
  Pairovet vertical net, 70m (coastal stations out to 70)
  Supplementary Data:
  ADCP, Jules (Julia M.) Hummon
  MET, Underway continuous surface and meterological measurements
  Primary Productivity, Daily C14-uptake incubations
  Ancillary LTER , Plankton abundance, biomass, Chl a size fractionations, POC, DOC
  ALF, Advanced Laser Fluorometrics
  DIC, Dr Andrew Dickson
  Cetaceans and Avifauna, Visual and Acoustic Surveys
  pCO2/pH, Dr Todd Martz


Please note that the anomalies are based on 50-year harmonics (1949-1999) and these data are 1m binavg Seasoft-processed CTD data that have not gone through thorough quality control checks or bottle corrections. They are presented to give a general impression of current conditions. Final data plots will be published after all data are processed.

10 & 100 meter Preliminary CTD Data & Anomaly (50yr mean) Contours (Click for larger image)
200 meters (Click for larger image)
300 meter (Click for larger image)


CTD Processing Summary CalCOFI 1708SR CTD Preliminary Data
Download 1708SR CTD raw cast files zipped Download 1708SR Preliminary CTD + bottle data 

General CTD Notes - data acquisition notes, logistics, processing - see below.
Please note that these regressions are generated from preliminary CTD vs bottle data and will be reprocessed once final bottle data are available. CTD temperatures and salinities do not usually change but oxygen, estimated chlorophyll-a, estimated nitrate may change significantly after point-checking. Questionable or mistrip bottle data are removed from these comparisons but may be visible on the CTD.csv plots. For this cruise and future cruises, both primary & secondary sensor profiles vs bottle data will be generated and archived in the downloadable CTD+Bottle data files. These plots are under the "csv-plots\Primary" & "csv-plots\Secondary" subdirectories.

CTD sensor corrections derived by comparing CTD sensor data, 4sec averages prior-to-bottle closure, to bottle samples
Dual T, S, & O2 Primary Sensor Secondary Sensor
Salinity offset (bottle - CTD salinity; > 350m only; Seabird SBE4) -0.00193 -0.00331
Oxygen ml/L (dual Seabird SBE43) y = 1.0979x+0.0298
R² = 0.9991
y = 1.0418x + 0.009
R² = 0.9994
Oxygen umol/Kg (dual Seabird SBE43; 2° O2 Calib Off) y =1.0988x+1.4278
R² = 0.9991
y = 1.0426x + 0.5183
R² = 0.9994
Single sensors Linear Polynomial
Nitrate - ISUS 4sec ave voltage vs Bottle NO3 (Satlantic ISUS v3 SN111)
Cast 001 - 036
y = 32.351x-2.3146
R² = 0.9141
Fluorometer - linear & polynomial regressions

y= 10.837x-0.4949

R² = 0.814

y = 12.629x2 + 4.8126x - 0.1604

R² = 0.8903

  Secondary CTD O2 Sensor vs Bottle O2
MBARI-ISUS Voltage vs Bottle NO3 Wetlabs ECO/FL Fluorometer Voltage vs Chlorophyll-a

Date Created: 30 May 2017; Revised 19 Jun 2017
Platform: R/V Sally Ride
Project Number: CalCOFI 1708SR
Project Title: CalCOFI Summer Survey.
Project Dates: 1 to 16 Aug 2017
Prepared by: Jennifer Rodgers-Wolgast, Chief Scientist, and James R Wilkinson, Integrative Oceanography Division, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Dated: 19 Jun 2017

I. Overview

  1. Brief Summary and Project Period:  Survey the distributions and abundances of pelagic fish stocks, their prey, and their biotic and abiotic environments in the area of the California Current between San Diego, California and Avila Beach, California during the period of 1 - Aug 16 2017.
  2. Operating Area:  From San Diego, CA to Avila Beach, CA and out 300 nautical miles. Please refer to Station Order & Coordinates PDF
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