CalCOFI 1008NH: 30 Jul - 17 Aug 2010; SIO R/V New Horizon departed San Diego 30 Jul at 0800 PST from MarFac and after successfully occupying 75 station returned to San Diego at 0600 17 Aug. Upon arrival to MarFac on 17 Aug and disembarking most of the scientific party, New Horizon sailed into San Diego Bay for several hours of post-cruise acoustics calibration.
Sixty-four standard hydrographic stations plus 2-3500m deep stations (90.90, 80.90); 9-SCCOOS 20m coastal stations; 'High Density Acoustics Survey' between sta 83.3 40.6 & 90.60; and 13-500m & 3-1500m (16 total) Oozeki trawls were performed. 

CalCOFI 1008NH Cruise Track