CalCOFI publishes quarterly cruise Hydrographic Data Reports as electronic documents (PDFs). Each data report tabulates the seawater measurements collected on the standard 75 (Summer, Fall) or 104 (Winter, Spring) CTD-rosette stations each cruise. Please note that some cruises may have fewer reported stations due to bad weather or equipment failure that reduced the number of stations successfully occupied.
The data presented are a combination of CTD sensor data (temperature, salinity, & oxygen) and seawater analyses (salinity, oxygen, nutrients, chlorophyll-a & phaeopigments) plus derived data (sigma-theta, dynamic heights, specific volume anomaly, potential temperature). Standard depths such as 10m & 100m may include interpolated measurements and are footnoted with "ISL". ISL temperature, salinity, & oxygen data may be observed CTD sensor data, footnoted with "D". Each report includes an introduction outlining the standard practices and methods used to collect data, ancillary project participates, standard parameter contour figures, personnel, & macrozooplankton displacement volumes.

Prior to 2003, CalCOFI published & printed bi-annual hardcopy Hydrographic Data Reports which were sent to libraries, researchers, and institutions around the world. These reports have been scanned and all data reports are available as pdfs. All hydrographic report tabulated data are available in several forms: pdfs, Microsoft Access relational database, comma-separated ascii files (csv), sql database files, & xml files.