The CalCOFI CTD Database format is currently being revised (Sept 2015). Data quality columns for each sensors are being added to the database tables to flag questionable or bad data. Until this version is available, the original CTD database links will be available below.

Review the database index for column descriptions.
2005-2012 MS Access database - 2005 - 2012 final bottle-corrected CTD database

The CTD database is constructed or updated from each cruises' CTD cast files after bottle-corrections have been applied. Two tables - upcast & downcast - are in the database along with bottle data used to calibrate the sensors. Note that typically three columns are available for each sensor: Seasave-only processed sensor data - no bottle correction applied; cruise-corrected ("CruiseCorr") = bottle-corrected sensor data using coefficients derived from regressing all bottle data to sensor data; station-corrected ("StaCorr") = bottle-corrected sensor data using coefficients derived from regressing only the current station's bottle data to sensor data. Station-corrected sensor data is considered the best when 20 or more bottle samples are available to calibrate the sensor measurements. Station-correcting helps eliminate the station-to-station variability in certain sensor, particularly the ISUS when a new lamp is installed and experiencing "burn-in" drift.

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