The CTD Database is currently under construction. The files on this web page are database-import-ready csvs which combine 1m bin-averaged CTD sensor data with bottle data. The addition of data-quality code columns requires that all archived cruises be reprocessed or imported into the CTD database using a import filter without the data-quality code columns. Currently, archived cruises are being reprocessed to insure consistency of the csv format.

CTD Database 2015 includes additional data-quality code columns to annotate bad or questionable data so they may be excluded during queries. The Microsoft Access CTD database is updated using combined, bottle-corrected CTD + bottle data csvs for upcast and downcasts. Both the Access database mdb file plus the downcast & upcast CTD.csvs are available. Refer to the CTD Database Index and the CTD.csv with QC Index pages for columns and descriptions. Please note that CTD data requires reprocessing to add these new columns and fill in the data codes so the database will be gradually updated with older cruises.

There are two versions of the CTD final data for each cruise (YY is year, MM is month, SS is ship code):

  • YYMMSS CTD+BTL csvs = downcast bottle-corrected CTD data with bottle data csv; upcast bottle-corrected CTD data plus bottle data csv; two csvs per cruise
  • YYMMSS CTD complete = complete final CTD & CTD+Btl data files, including CTD+Btl csvs & plots; CTD asc & hdr files; event log; regression spreadsheet & plots; and metadata. Note: the complete file has individual station CTD+Btl.csvs in the csv_qc subdirectory. This file is the same file available on the Cruise Summary or Recent CTD Data pages.
  • YYYY: CTD+BTL csvs = all CTD+Btl csvs, two files - upcast+bottle data, downcast+bottle data
Year Winter Cruise Spring Cruise Summer Cruise Autumn Cruise
2015 1501NH CTD+BTL csvs
1501NH CTD complete
2014: CTD+BTL csvs 1402SH CTD+BTL csvs
1402SH CTD complete
1404OS CTD+BTL csvs
1404OS CTD Complete
1407NH CTD+BTL csvs
1407NH CTD Complete
1411NH CTD+BTL csvs
1411NH CTD Complete
2013     1307NH CTD+BTL csvs
1307NH CTD Complete
1311NH CTD+BTL csvs
1311NH CTD Complete


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