CalCOFI Ancillary Program Data Policy


Scientific programs or parties using any of the currently quarterly CalCOFI cruises as a research platform (i.e. ancillary programs) to collect samples or data are required to submit data collected on such cruises or derived from samples collected on such cruises to a publicly accessible database within 2 years of data generation.  This database is by default available on the calcofi.org website.  Samples that are analyzed non-destructively should be preserved and archived.  


Cruise Plan:  Scientific parties desiring to use CalCOFI cruises as a research platform must submit a cruise plan to the SIO CalCOFI group supervisor or designate. This plan must 1. outline ship time and ship resources requirements, laboratory space requirements and chemicals to be brought aboard the ship, 2. must describe in detail samples to be collected and experiments to be carried out and 3. must describe in detail the data that are to be generated at sea and data derived from samples collected at sea and analyzed ashore. The data to be archived should be described in detail and the database where data will be archived should be identified.  In the case of samples whose analysis is not expected immediately after the cruise, a time frame for the analysis and the deposition of the data must be given.  This cruise plan will be posted on the CalCOFI website.

CalCOFI Ancillary Program Sampling Plan PDF Form       |       CalCOFI Ancillary Program Sampling Plan PDF Form Example

Data:  Archived data shall include all the primary data typically used to generate scientific publications or reports.  Raw instrument records, e.g. readings of voltage or acoustic recording, are not desired, rather derived products from these, e.g. pH or abundances of organisms, are.  Data to be submitted shall not be exclusively of the aggregate form, e.g. averages over a large number of samples or stations.  Data to be submitted shall be adequately documented as to location, time (GMT), station, cast, Niskin bottle number and methods used to acquire and derive these.

Samples:  Samples collected on a CalCOFI cruise which undergo non-destructive analysis must be submitted to an appropriate sample depository (e.g. Scripps collections or other academic or public collections) within 2 years of sample analysis.

Students:  Exceptions to this 2-year data policy can be granted upon request to students in case that on-line publication of data collected by these might compromise their work.

Publications:  Publications derived from work carried out on CalCOFI cruises must explicitly acknowledge CalCOFI and references to these publications must be submitted to CalCOFI after publication.

Scope of the Data Policy:  The data policy also applies retroactively to data and samples collected on CalCOFI cruises in the past.  Non-compliance with this policy will result in the suspension of the cruse participation privileges of the respective parties.


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