Underway Data MapWelcome to the Underway Data home page.  Here, you will find information related to the underway processed data, data plots, raw data, metadata and notes from the Underway Data component of CalCOFI.  CalCOFI aims to continuously collect surface oceanographic and meteorological data on all CalCOFI cruises.  Some sensor measurements are not available on all ship so data may vary from cruise to cruise. For this reason, only surface temperature, salinity, and chlorophyll concentration are actually processed into a final data product (Final Data Format index)
On cruises where there is inconsistent data collection, such as loss of GPS or poor or no seawater pump flow due to rough weather, the dataset may have questionable or incomplete data columns.  To make these underway data potentially useful, detailed notes accompany each cruise in order to clarify and explain data shortcomings and workarounds.  If data were not collected, or were uncorrectable, it is labeled as unavailable.

Some examples of data that may be available are:

Ship information:

  • Ship speed1
  • Ship heading1
  • Ship position1


  • Wind speed1
  • Wind direction1
  • Relative humidity1
  • Barometric pressure1
  • Air temperature1
  • PAR1


  • Surface temperature2
  • Salinity2
  • Fluorometery2
  • Speed of sound1
1 - available as raw data; ship-dependent 2 - available as final data


Underway Data Pages:

Annual data pages can be found: Underway Data; Final Data File Format: Final Data Header Index

Additional Underway Data Information:

More information about Ship systems and instrumentation, processing methods, etc. can be found here.


Underway data are continuous data collected while transiting between stations on CalCOFI cruises. Data collection usually continues while on station so there may be a few to several hours of data in a limited area. Processed underway data are 10 minute average, CTD or bottle sample corrected data. Different vessels such as NOAA RV Bell M Shimada may have significantly more underway data collected than RV Ocean Starr. NOAA vessel data are typically collected using the SCS shipboard computer system and in a variety of formats and frequencies. SIO vessel data are typically collected using the MET shipboard meterological system which combines multiple sensor measurements into a 30 second comma-delimited record.




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