CalCOFI cruises on SIO vessels, particularly RV New Horizon, collects underway data recorded by the MET (shipboard meterological) system. Every thirty-seconds, a record of surface measurements (T, S, Fl, pH), ship measurements (speed, heading, Ashtech, winch, PDR, & more), and meterological measurements (wind, surface PAR, barometer, & more) are combined into a single, comma-delimited record. Each data field is defined by the adjacent field variable label  ie ...10.0,WS,320,WD... is 10.0kts wind speed, 320° wind direction. Please refer to the list below or to MetAcq Operator’s Manual (Shipboard Technical Support Revision 2.00 March 2009) for more information

Underway_Raw.txt Variables: 

$WICOR Data Corrected



WS Wind Speed - Port

WD Wind Direction - Port

TW True Wind Speed M/S - Port

TI True Wind Direction Deg - Port

WS Wind Speed - Starboard

WD Wind Direction - Starboard

TW True Wind Speed M/S - Starboard

TI True Wind Direction Deg - Starboard

AT Air Temperature Deg C

BP Barometric Pressure mb

RH Relative Humidity %RH

RT Air Temp (RH module) Deg C

DP Dew Point Deg C

PR Precipitation mm

LD LWR Dome Temperature Deg K

LB LWR Body Temperature Deg K

LT LWR Thermopile Volts

LW Long Wave Radiation W/M^2 (Pyranometer)

SW Short Wave Radiation W/M^2 (Pyranometer)

PA Surface PAR uE/Second/Meter^2

ST Sea Surface Temperature Deg C

TT SBE21 Temperature Deg C (may replace ST field: Sea Surface Temperature Data)

TC SBE21 Conductivity mS/m

SA Salinity PSU

SD Sigma-t Kg/m^3

SV Sound Vel (Chen/Millero) M/S

FL Fluorometer ug/l

FI USW Flow Meter LPM

BT Bottom Depth Meters

LA  Latitude  Decimal format Deg

LO Longitude Decimal format Deg

GT GPS Time of Day GMT Secs 0-86400

CR Ships Course (GPS COG) Deg

SP Ships Speed (GPS SOG) Knts

ZD GPS DateTime GMT Secs Since 00:00:00 01/01/1970



GY Ships Heading (Gyrocompass) Deg

SL Ships Speed (Speed Longitude) Knts


SH Ashtech Heading Deg

SM Ashtech Pitch Deg

SR Ashtech Roll Deg

ZO Winch Cable

ZS Winch Speed

ZT Winch Tension




Event_Num CalCOFI Event# Appended

 Each data point has a 2 character ID to identify it.  There is also a third character to help clarify the type of data.  E.g. +25.3,AT0 (air temperature, calibrations not applied):

0 - Calibration coefficients not applied

1 - Calibration coefficients applied in Sensor Module

2 - Calibration coefficients applied in Acquisition computer

3 - Calibration coefficients applied in Sensor Module and Acquisition computer

7 - Data Out of Range

8 - Data is Emulated (Not Real)

9 - Data invalid

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