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SEACAT Thermosalinograph SBE 21 - Product Homepage

The SBE 21 accurately determines sea surface temperature and conductivity from underway vessels. Data is simultaneously stored in memory and transmitted to a computer serial port, allowing independent data logging and real-time data acquisition. Typically mounted near the ship's seawater intake, the SBE 21 is connected to an AC-powered interface box positioned near the computer. The interface box provides power and an isolated data interface, and contains a NMEA 0183 port for appending navigation information to the data stream. 

MicroTSG (Thermosalinograph) SBE 45 - Product Homepage

The SBE 45 MicroTSG Thermosalinograph is an externally powered, high-accuracy instrument, designed for shipboard determination of sea surface (pumped-water) conductivity and temperature. Salinity and sound velocity can also be computed. The MicroTSG is constructed of plastic and titanium to ensure long life with minimum maintenance.

Ship Specifics:

New Horizon - The SAIL (Serial ASCII Instrumentation Loop) Data Acquisition System is a datalogging system used to record ship's navigational parameters and meteorological variables. The system is PC-based and data are collected at a user-specified rate and can be written to 5-1/4 inch floppy disks. The system is in the upper lab. The standard configuration is to log: date, time, doppler speed log, gyro compass, Trimble 10X gps/loran receiver message, wind speed and wind direction. Special arrangements can be made with the Shipboard Computer Group so the system can also log data from a pyrgeometer (Infrared Radiometer) and from a Black and White pyranometer (Short wave radiation). Other type of data can be easily interfaced, and several different types of SAIL modules are installed in the system for use by the current scientific party. Contact the Shipboard Computer Group (619) 534-6054 for more information.

Bell M. Shimada - The Seabird Electronics SBE-45, SBE-38 & SBE-21 thermosalinograph are plumbed into the Chem Lab and measures the conductivity, temperature, & fluorescence of the water. The hull intake is 3 meters below the water line. The data is recorded on SCS and is available for scientific use.

David Starr Jordan - The Seabird Electronics SBE-21 thermosalinograph plumbed in at the bow capable of measuring the conductivity and temperature of the water from either 2 meters below the ship's waterline or from 5.6 meters below the water line. SCS Sensor Information 

McArthur II - The Seabird Electronics SBE-45 thermosalinograph is plumbed into the Wet Lab and measures the conductivity and temperature of the water. The hull intake is 3 meters below the water line. The data is recorded on SCS and is available for scientific use.


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