A Planktonic Rate Processes in Oligotrophic Ocean Systems (PRPOOS) net, formerly known as the Soutar-Hemingway Animal Trap or "SHAT" (Kramer 1972), is a 202 µm mesh net that has a 50 cm diameter single frame opening and is 3 m in length. The PRPOOS net deployment is a vertical tow lowered into the water to 210 m. The descent rate is 40 meters per minute to depth, 20 seconds at depth and has an ascent rate of 50 meters per minute.

Deployment of the PRPOOS net was first implemented on CalCOFI Cruise 0507NH and PRPOOS samples are primarily collected to analyze mesozooplankton within the California Current Ecosystem. Samples are collected for all stations on line 90.0 and 80.0, as well as stations out to and including station 70.0 on lines 86.7 and 83.3.


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