California Cooperative Oceanic Fisheries Investigations

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1   Link   PDFs: CalCOFI Atlases, 1963 - 2002
PDF library of CalCOFI Atlases published from 1963-2002; various compilations and analyses of hydrographic, zooplankton and fisheries data collected during the CalCOFI time-series.
2   Link   PDFs: CalCOFI Reports, 1950-present
PDF library of CalCOFI Reports published annually in association with the CalCOFI Conference/Symposium.
3   Link   PDFs: CalCOFI Data Reports, 1990-present
PDF library of CalCOFI Data Reports; tabulating hydrographic bottle and station data, primary productivity, zooplankton biomass, avifauna visual observations collected on individual CalCOFI cruises.
Available online data from these reports are available as ascii/IEH, csv, Access database files or through DataZoo, a data portal developed by SIO Oceaninformatics Group.