Most necessities are provided by the ship but a few amenities can make the cruise more comfortable:

Sea sickness medication:  If you know you are prone to seasickness, bring any medication you know works for you. Marezine, Meclizine, Bonine, Dramamine or Scopolamine anti-seasick medications are some examples – some work for some people; some have side effects; some dosages require a prescription. The ship can provide over-the-counter remedies but we suggest consulting your doctor or pharmacist & bringing your own. Summer and fall cruises are typically calm but the weather can get rough any time of year.
Clothes you can layer:  It is better to wear multiple layers than wear a heavy jacket since you will be moving in and out of the climate-controlled lab. Even summer cruises can be cool (even cold) so always bring long pants, a windbreaker, sweater or sweatshirt.
Boots:  Calf high rubber boots are a must-have.  The work area is usually swamped by seawater so your shoes will constantly be wet. Comfortable, waterproof boots are a necessity since you will be sampling from the CTD or washing nets. The more comfortable the better but even cheap ones are better than wet tennies. We have a limited supply of 'loaners' sizes available upon request.
Travel Alarm clock:  Necessary. Cell phones may not work for keeping time properly out there due to loss of signal or confusion on time zones. It is not recommended to rely on your cell phone as an alarm clock.
Hard hat:  NOAA & SIO vessels require hardhats during loading and while working on deck. The ship will provide one but bring one if you prefer your own.
Closed toed footwear:  These are mandatory while working on-deck and any general work areas. Steel-toed shoes/boots provide extra protection so are highly recommended.
Rain gear:  Foul-weather jacket and pants are worth taking along. We can provide a few pairs but sizes vary so if you have something waterproof, bring it.
Sun protection:  Sunglasses, a hat, sunscreen and Chap Stick – you can minimize your sun exposure but these are worth bringing.
Toiletries and medications:  The ship provides the necessities (linens, soap, etc) but bring your own personal hygiene products (decongestant, Advil, etc).. The ship is relatively small so consider bathing regularly a courtesy to other people.
Shower robe / shoes:  Makes getting to and from the head (bathroom) more convenient.
Workout clothes / gear:  A stationary bike, stair-stepper, mat, and bench/free weights are available.
Books /magazines / music:  The ship has a magazine & paperback library plus movies but the selection can vary.
Binoculars / camera:  Sightings of birds and marine mammals such as seals, whales or porpoises are common on CalCOFI.
Snacks and goodies:  Some ships provide lots of these but if you are particular, bring it. Midnight watch-standers often bring soups; canned tuna and staple food items since meals are not serve from 6pm to 730am. There are sandwich fixings, cereals, dinner leftovers or you can request a plate of food from dinner be saved. If you have any dietary restrictions (allergies, gluten, vegetarian or vegan) please let the volunteer coordinator & cooks know.
Clothes for a week or more:  Laundry facilities are available but the washing machine will be unavailable during rough weather so plan accordingly for 16 days.
Fishing pole:  Trolling for albacore & bottom-fishing are common, especially summer and fall, so if you like fishing and have a sturdy pole and tackle, bring them.
Soft luggage:  We recommend using soft luggage to stow your clothes and other personal gear such as a duffle bag or backpack since hard suitcases will not stow easily into your stateroom closet/locker.