Farewell to Natalya Gallo: CalCOFI Postdoc

We would like to wish Natalya Gallo, the outgoing CalCOFI postdoctoral scholar, a fond farewell and best wishes on the next chapter of her professional journey as a Postdoctoral fellow at the University of Bergen.  During her fellowship, Natalya has been instrumental to the CalCOFI program. She has conducted research on the status and trends of temperature and oxygen in the CalCOFI region of the California Current. Previously, efforts to assess these key environmental metrics used coarse summary statistics (e.g. average trends at a single depth). Natalya’s effort is unique in that it accounts for the 4-dimensional nature of these metrics: latitude, longitude, depth and time. As part of this effort, Natalya has worked with a large team of scientists to understand likely changes in fish habitat based on physiology and predicted future trends in oxygen and temperature.

Natalya was also heavily involved in helping the CalCOFI team better understand the value of CalCOFI data to stakeholders, and was a key player in our recent stakeholder workshop. She is currently working on two guiding documents for the management and integration of ecosystem monitoring programs along the west coast.