Historical CalCOFI Reports

PDF library of CalCOFI Reports published annually (1950 - 2019) in association with the CalCOFI Conference

The journal CalCOFI Reports was published annually from 1950 to 2019, when it was retired. The ‘State of the California Current Report’ is now published in the journal Frontiers in Marine Science.

CalCOFI Reports presents reviewed papers on the physical and chemical environment of the California Current and its living resources.

Most volumes describe the state of the California Current, review California fisheries for the previous year, include the Conference Symposium, and provide contributed papers.

CalCOFI Report (PDFs)

CalCOFI Report Volume 48, 2007: Ecological Interactions Useful for Marine Ecosystem-based Management: the Role of Positive Species Interactions, Ecosystem Engineers, and Species Diversity

CalCOFI Report Volume 47, 2006: Symposium from the 2005 CalCOFI Conference: “CalCOFI: The Sum of the Parts”

CalCOFI Report Volume 46, 2005: Symposium from the 2004 CalCOFI Conference: “Pacific Sardine: Past, Present, and Future”

CalCOFI Report Volume 45, 2004: Symposium from the 2003 CalCOFI Conference: “Environmental Variability and its Impact on Invertebrate  Fisheries”, and State of the California Current, 2003–2004: “A Rare ‘Normal’ Year”

CalCOFI Report Volume 44, 2003: State of the California Current, 2002–2003: Tropical and Subarctic Influences Vie for Dominance

CalCOFI Report Volume 43, 2002: Symposium from the 2001 CalCOFI Conference: “Rebuilding California’s Abalone Stocks”, and State of the California Current, 2001–2002: “Will the California Current System Keep Its Cool, or Is El Niño Looming?”

CalCOFI Report Volume 42, 2001: Symposium from the 2000 CalCOFI Conference: “Ecosystem-based Fishery Management in the Nearshore Environment”, and State of the California Current, 2000–2001: “A Third Straight La Nina Year”

CalCOFI Report Volume 41, 2000: 50th Anniversary Symposium from the 1999 CalCOFI Conference: “Ecological Effects of the 1998 El Nino in Eastern Boundary Currents”, and State of the California Current, 1999–2000: “Forward to a New Regime?”

CalCOFI Report Volume 40, 1999: Symposium from the 1998 CalCOFI Conference: “A Continuing Dialog on No-Take Reserves for Resource Management”, and State of the California Current, 1998–1999: “Transition to Cool-Water Conditions”

CalCOFI Report Volume 39, 1998: Symposium from the 1997 CalCOFI Conference: “Market Squid: What We Know and What We Need to Know for Effective Management”, and State of the California Current, 1997–1998: “Transition to El Nino Conditions”

CalCOFI Report Volume 38, 1997: Symposium from the 1996 CalCOFI Conference: “The 1996 Hake Symposium”, and State of the California Current, 1996–1997: “Mixed Signals from the Tropics”

CalCOFI Report Volume 37, 1996: Symposium from the 1995 CalCOFI Conference: “Interdecadal Changes In The Ecology Of The California Current: Evidence and Possible Mechanisms”, the Sardine Symposium, and State of the California Current, 1995–1996: “Continuing Declines in Macrozooplankton Biomass during a Period of Nearly Normal Circulation”

CalCOFI Report Volume 36, 1995: Symposium from the 1994 CalCOFI Conference: “The 1991-92 El Nino And Its Impact On Fisheries” and State of the California Current, 1994–1995: “A Period of Transition”

CalCOFI Report Volume 35, 1994: Symposium from the 1993 CalCOFI Conference: “Genetics of the Fauna of the California Current” and State of the California Current, 1993–1994

CalCOFI Report Volume 34, 1993: Symposium from the 1992 CalCOFI Conference: “Satellite Remote Sensing in the California Current and its Utility in Fishery Oceanography” and State of the California Current, 1992–1993: “Preliminary Observations of the 1991-1992 El Nino in the California Current”

CalCOFI Report Volume 33, 1992: Symposium from the 1991 CalCOFI Conference: “A Decade Of Recovery Of The Pacific Sardine”

CalCOFI Report Volume 32, 1991: Symposium from the 1990 CalCOFI Conference: “Fishery Oceanography”

CalCOFI Report Volume 31, 1990: 40th Anniversary Symposium from the 1989 CalCOFI Conference: “Ocean Outlook: Global Change and the Marine Environment”

CalCOFI Report Volume 30, 1989: Symposium from the 1988 CalCOFI Conference: “Can Marine Fisheries be Enhanced? Point/Counterpoint”

CalCOFI Report Volume 29, 1988: Symposium from the 1987 CalCOFI Conference: “The CalCOFI Sampling Protocol and Time Series: Point/Counterpoint”

CalCOFI Report Volume 28, 1987: Symposium from the 1986 CalCOFI Conference: “Perspectives on Mexican Fisheries Science”

CalCOFI Report Volume 27, 1986: Symposium from the 1985 CalCOFI Conference: “Southern California Nearshore Waters: Selected Patterns and Processes”

CalCOFI Report Volume 26, 1985: Symposium from the 1984 CalCOFI Conference: “Comparative Studies of Eastern Ocean Boundary Systems”

CalCOFI Report Volume 25, 1984: Report of the CalCOFI Committee for 1983 and Scientific Contributions

CalCOFI Report Volume 24, 1983: Symposium from the 1982 CalCOFI Conference: “The Larger Pelagic Fishes of the California Current”

CalCOFI Report Volume 23, 1982: Symposium from the 1981 CalCOFI Conference: “Reminiscences Of California Fishery Research And Management”

CalCOFI Report Volume 22, 1981: Symposium from the 1980 CalCOFI Conference: “Low-Frequency Events in the California Current”

CalCOFI Report Volume 21, 1980: Symposium from the 1978 CalCOFI Conference: “Nonconsumable Living Resources of the California Current: Interactions with Consumable Resources and their Exploitation” and Symposium from the 1979 CalCOFI Conference: “Climate and Ecological Regimes”

CalCOFI Report Volume 20, 1979: Symposium from the 1976 CalCOFI Conference: “The Market Squid, Loligo opalescens”

CalCOFI Report Volume 19, 1977: Symposium from the 1975 CalCOFI Conference: “The Anchovy Management Challenge”

CalCOFI Report Volume 18, 1976: Symposium from the 1973 and 1974 CalCOFI Conferences

CalCOFI Report Volume 17, 1974: Symposium from the 1971 and 1972 CalCOFI Conferences

CalCOFI Report Volume 16, 1972: Special Report: The Federal Reorganization and its Impact on Fisheries; Symposium on Pollutants and Contaminants in the California Current System

CalCOFI Report Volume 15, 1971: Symposium on the Development of the San Pedro Wetfish Fishery

CalCOFI Report Volume 14, 1970: Symposium on Population and Fisheries

CalCOFI Report Volume 13, 1969: Symposium on the Living Resources of the California Current System; their fluctuating magnitude, distribution, and susceptibility to use for the benefit of the State of California

CalCOFI Report Volume 12, 1968: Symposium on Wide-Scale Studies of the Ocean

CalCOFI Report Volume 11, 1967: Symposium on Anchovies, Genus Engraulis

CalCOFI Report Volume 10, 1965: Symposium on Larval Fish Biology

CalCOFI Report Volume 09, 1963: Review of Activities 1960-1962 and Scientific Contributions

CalCOFI Report Volume 08, 1961: Symposium on Fisheries Oceanography

CalCOFI Report Volume 07, 1960: Symposium on the Changing Pacific Ocean in 1957 and 1958

CalCOFI Report Volume 06, 1958: Review of Activities 1956-1958 and Scientific Contributions

CalCOFI Report Volume 05, 1956: Review of Activities 1955-1956 and Scientific Contributions

CalCOFI Report Volume 04, 1955: Part I. The Marine Research Committee, 1947-55; Part II. Population Dynamics Of The Pacific Sardine

CalCOFI Report Volume 03, 1953: Sardines And The Ocean; Sardines And Man; Sardines and “Substitute Sardines”

CalCOFI Report Volume 02, 1952: Part I: The Sardine and Its Environment, Yesterday and Today; Part II: The Outlook for the Fishery

CalCOFI Report Volume 01, 1950: How the Work is Done; What has been Accomplished; Plans for 1951