Cruise Summary


CalCOFI 2304SH sailed on NOAA FSV Bell M. Shimada on 25 Mar 2023 at 0800PDT from 10th Avenue Marine Terminal, San Diego. 114 of 126 science stations were successfully occupied. CTD casts and various net tows were completed at each science station. Underway science conducted while under transit included visual observations of avifauna, continuous pCO2/pH, and meteorological measurements. The Cruise had an in port between Apr 9 – 13 2023 at Port Hueneme. The cruise ended at  San Francisco at Pier 30/32 on 24 Apr 2023 at 0900PD

Cruise Dates:

25 March – 24 April 2023 (Sat – Mon; 26 DAS)


23 – 24 March 2023


25 – 26 April 2023


Bryan Overcash, Chief Scientist, NOAA

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Station Data Collected:

CTD Sensors:

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Underway Data Collected: